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Past Events & Speakers

The following is a list of Guest Speakers and Topics as presented at prior Fed Friday meetings. 
Some of the Speakers listed have spoken on more than one occasion with additional topics of discussion.

Jack Bick
Founder & President of Inside Collin County Business
"Where the Money is in North Texas"  

Susan Combs, JD
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
"Impact of New Tax Laws and the Texas Economic Outlook"

David Daniel, Ph.D.
President - The University of Texas at Dallas
"The Economic Impact of The University of Texas at Dallas in North Texas"

Danielle DiMartino, MBA, MS
Market Columnist - The Dallas Morning News
"Live Interview with Dr. Thomas Saving"

Mark Dotzour, Ph.D.
Chief Economist - Real Estate Center at Texas A&M
International Capital Flows, Real Estate, and the Effects on the US Economy"

Ron Harris, Judge
Collin County Commissioners Court
"What it's like to be CEO of the 2nd fastest growing County in the US"

Donald A Hicks, Ph.D.
Economist - University of Texas at Dallas
"Nanotechnology: Anticipating the Molecular Era Economy"
Julia Kedrova
Russian Analyst - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
"From Russia with Money - Look Out"

John Mauldin
Author, Financial Expert and Editor of Thoughts from the Frontline
"America: Boom or Bankruptcy?" 

Lewis F. McLain, Jr.
Government Financial Analyst
"The TRUTH about Texas Taxes"

Laura Miller
City of Dallas Mayor
"City Revenues . . . Up in Smoke?"

Hank N. Mulvihill, Jr., CCM, CWS, CFP
Principal - Mulvihill Asset Management
"Portfolio Strategies ~ Managing Risk in the Markets"

Huntley Paton
Publisher - Dallas Business Journal
"Regional Economic Outlook"

Fred Richards, MBA
Publisher - Strategic Investments
"Current Indicators & Market Overview"

Jason Saving, Ph.D.
Senior Economist - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
"The Texas Economy ~ Where have we been & Where are we going?"

Thomas R. Saving, Ph.D.
President's Social Security Commission
"Social Security and Medi-Care"

Pete Sessions
US Congressman - 32nd District of Texas
"The Federal Spending Outlook for North Texas"

John Thompson
Economist - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
"Texas and Southwest Economy"

David M. Walker
Founder, President & CEO of the Comeback America Initiative. (CAI)
"The Nation's Fiscal Challenge and a Way Forward"

Bernard Weinstein, Ph.D.
Director - Economics Institute at the University of North Texas
"Economic Overview"

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