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Multiple Year Winner of the Five Star Wealth Manager Award
as published in Texas Monthly

and one of the

2002 D Magazine Top Financial Planners in Dallas

"We believe investors must have a PLAN to achieve success.  We also believe it is important to pay close attention to the policies of the Federal Reserve."

Growth & protecting hard earned personal wealth, especially in these volatile times, is of paramount importance for every investor.  It is not a journey to be taken lightly or without guidance from someone with experience, background and vision.            

Hank Mulvihill has been that person for many high net worth people.  In addition, he has managed cash for organizations and government entities.  Since 1987, Hank has managed client portfolios for growth in good times plus preservation and growth in troubled times.

His philosophy has been honed over many years and influenced and mentored by some of the best portfolio managers in the country.  His philosophy is evident in his educational presentation; FED FRIDAY, where Mulvihill outlines the market influences of the recent past and takes a detailed view of what will influence the investment markets in the near future.  The event is known as the "Fastest 60 Minutes in Finance" for its insightful look at trends and detailed analysis of how to approach future investing.  The information presented is often contrarian in nature and frequently challenges popular assumptions.

Hank Mulvihill has provided short term investments under the Texas Public Funds Act for Collin County, Texas and the City of Richardson. Hank Mulvihill has been recognized multiple times by the Five Star Wealth Manager award sponsored by Texas Monthly. Hank Mulvihill is a member of the 21 for the 21st Century Leadership Program. Mulvihill Asset Management was named as the 2007 Small Business of the Year in Richardson.

Hank Mulvihill is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Business and Computer Science and has earned the credentials of Certified Wealth Strategist, Certified Cash Manager and Certified Financial Planner.  He is active in the community with service on boards at UT Dallas, the Richardson Chamber of Commerce, and as Vice Chair for the City of Richardson Tax Increment Finance Board. 

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FED FRIDAY® (FF) is an economic outlook and risk management forum sponsored by Mulvihill Asset Management, LLC® ("MAM"). FF is a registered continuing education sponsor. Henry (Hank) N. Mulvihill, Jr. is a licensed investment advisor. The above information is not a solicitation for investment advice or securities transactions. Information about Henry N. Mulvihill, Jr. is disclosed at www.theplan.net.