FED FRIDAY®          

FED FRIDAY® The Economic Outlook & Risk Management Forum - Since 2002


FED FRIDAY® meetings are usually held in the Dallas, Texas area. The forum is a place where investors can receive information, and exchange information among themselves, regarding the global economy and securities markets, and the impact of the actions of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States. The reason we call our forum FED FRIDAY® is that the Fed is far and away the most powerful actor in global finance, and their meeting announcements are closely followed by the markets. Click here for US DEBT STUDY.


Charts used with written permission from Doug Short.

Hank will point out several significant trends which should lead to positive results for the United States, despite the serious threat posed by ever-increasing government debt and artificially low interest rates, worldwide. He will discuss the ongoing search for quality income opportunities in portfolios. He has been a portfolio manager since 1987. He is the Founder, in 2002, of FED FRIDAY, the economic outlook and risk management forum. Hank frequently speaks about macro issues, planning concerns and financial markets. 

FED FRIDAY® provides an educational, actionable program where we discuss strategies for near-term investment and cash management, in the context of a longer term economic outlook.

Our objective is to provide a state-of-the-art economic update and an explanation of advanced financial tools and techniques for the following:

  • A Current / Long Term Perspective
  • Economic Indicators
  • Debt
  • Demographics
  • Current Indicators, Outlook
  • A System for Managing Risk
  • Question & Answer Session

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  Investors, CFO's, CEO's, Treasurers, Chief Investment Officers, Attorneys, Accountants, Fiduciaries

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FED FRIDAY® (FF) is an economic outlook and risk management forum sponsored by Mulvihill Asset Management, LLC® ("MAM"). FF is a registered continuing education sponsor. Henry (Hank) N. Mulvihill, Jr. is a licensed investment advisor. The above information is not a solicitation for investment advice or securities transactions. Information about Henry N. Mulvihill, Jr. is disclosed at www.theplan.net.